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Villa Asterina

Traditional & Cozy

Your Perfect Greek Villa

The house was built according to the local tradition and architecture with wide stone walls and slate stone roof, with an additional external wood oven for bread and cooking.

In the rich soil of Pouri the couple created a garden with grapes, figs, cherry, orange and lemon trees.

150 years later, the house was renovated to an amazing villa, with a homely atmosphere…your vacation home in Greece!

Greek Villa

The Area

Villa Asterina is located at Pelion mountain and more specific at the village of Pouri, 8km away from the village of Zagora, the biggest mountain village of Greece.
Pelion offers a unique combination of the total blue of the sea with the total green of the rich forest that surrounds it! It is ideal for vacation all year long, as every season has something different to offer to the guest:

You can reach Pelion area by different means of transport:

At the city of Volos, there is New Anchialos Airport with flights from different parts of Europe.

Way to Airport

You can reach the city of Volos using the public transportation. Volos’ bus station is connected with all the big cities of Greece.

Pouri village is 50km away from the city of Volos. The shortest route is through Portaria-> Chania->Zagora


Handmade Hospitality

When you book with The Luxury Villa Collection you can be assured that each and every villa has been hand-picked, personally approved, and comes with concierge services to make your next visit to Spain truly special.

Your villa concierge can organise everything from airport transfers and car hire, to private chefs, to the most coveted tables in the finest restaurants. You can even order your larder and wine rack to be stocked ready and waiting for you.

Villa Asterina - History

150 years ago, Tassos and Asterina got to Pelion. They decided to build their home in Pouri village, one of the most authentic and beautiful villages of Pelion mountain in Central Greece. They fell immediately in love with this special place where the ocean is spread out in front of them and during the night a blanket of stars covers them… a place peaceful and relaxing.

Villa Asterina


During autumn and spring the nature offers amazing colors and whoever likes the hiking now it is the best time to be amazed by Pelion’s nature!

During summer the countless beaches across Pelion peninsula offer a great variety of choices to the guests. Organized or not,wild or calm, forest that “deeps into” the sea, rivers that flow into the sea, olive oils surrounding you during your swimming…these are only some of the landscapes that you can meet during your visit at Pelion area!

During winter time, the scenery changes completely and it is more than usual to meet snow up on top of Pelion mountain, in Chania village and in Agriolefkes Ski Center. Creeks and small waterfalls are formed everywhere and the nature “hibernates” so as to be prepared again for the spring time!

Periods Minimum # Stays Upper Floor Whole Villa
24-27/2 3 nights 190€ 270€
27/2-14/4 2 nights 190€ 270€
14-17/4 3 nights 190€ 270€
17-28/4 2 nights 190€ 270€
28/4-1/5 3 nights 190€ 270€
01/05-02/06/23 2 nights 150€ 230€
02/06-09/07/23 2 nights 190€ 270€
09/07-03/09 4 nights 230€ 310€
03/09-30/10 2 nights 190€ 270€

The Villa Location

The Villa is located at Pouri Pelion Magnesia, Central Greece, 37001.


Make Lasting Memorise


Spring, summer, autumn or winter – there’s always a school holiday just around the corner. If you’re determined to spend it in a sun-soaked holiday